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Back on track with the food... just don’t order on Mondays!
placed by Dan Smith on the 17th May 2018


I really was disappointed by the recent pizza I had from the Greville grill. It took an hour for them to deliver (some person turned up with it in a ‘just eat’ bag, what was that about??), the crust was dry, & again, there were hardly any topping on it! I requested two extra to be put on a tuna & sweet corn pizza, and at £1.20 a pop, you expect to get your moneys worth, not have to use a magnifying glass to see them!! The only redeeming thing was that it was nice & hot! I shall be going down there to take this up with the guy who manages the place; not putting up with this again! GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!
placed by Dan Smith on the 3rd May 2018

Superb Calzone

First time order and had delivery.. meat feast calzone. Delivered on time and food was superb, lots of filling and tasted delicious!
placed by Sam Weeks on the 10th April 2018

Excellent Food and Excellent Delivery Service

Placed my first order yesterday, the food was excellent, larger portions than I was expecting, very hot and very tasty. The delivery service was quicker than the time they advised, so excellent as well. Looking forward to ordering again soon. Thank you.
placed by Justine Miller on the 10th April 2018

Great food but took hour and a half

The food is always good but lately the delivery times are getting longer and I don't know how much longer I'll tolerate it. Ordered at 7.15pm food arrived at 8.45pm this isn't great.
placed by Andrew Jones on the 29th March 2018

Hot food

This is the first time I’ve used the delivery service and order online and I was pleased with my order. It was complete and hot.
placed by Jamie Ng on the 8th March 2018

Just gets better

Food ordered at 5.48pm arrived at 6.15pm cannot ask for quicker delivery. Always have a mixed chargrill with chips and cheesy garlic bread - cannot fault it at all.
placed by Andrew Jones on the 4th January 2018

Yummy food

Very happy with the food, pizza really good
placed by Deb Lakin on the 30th December 2017

Good service but not quite right

Prompt, hot & fresh as always but whoever made the pizza was stingy with the toppings; hardly any chicken, onions & mushrooms on to begin with (this was a pollo) plus not much tomato base so the taste was lacking! I added additional tuna & sweet corn to the order as well but hardly any of those either; come on guys, £1.20 per additional topping & you expect there to be some on it! Not amused & quite disappointed!!
placed by Dan Smith on the 30th December 2017

Hot and scrumptious

Ordered a larger than normal pizza for a friend and I... delivered quickly considering the weather conditions and also hot & delicious! Thanks, guys!
placed by Dan Smith on the 13th December 2017

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